Feature Preview: Cristina Moya-Palacios

Why we love her: You know STARS Dance Studio from Dance Moms Miami, but you may not know senior company star dancer Cristina Moya-Palacios. With a playful movement quality and lines similar to Miranda Maleski, Cristina’s style truly reveals her passion for dance. She takes fierce to a whole new level, whether its an emotional contemporary, sassy jazz, or technical lyrical piece. Here are a few fun facts, & stay tuned for Cristina’s full interview! 


  • Name: Cristina Moya-Palacios
  • Age: 17
  • Studio: Stars Dance Studio
  • Her Style in 3 Words: elegant, technical, explosive
  • Favorite Style: Russian Folk (“Haha just kidding”), Contemporary, Lyrical, & Jazz
  • Favorite Artist: Salvador Dalí, Lady Gaga, and of course Angel Armas & Victor Smalley
  • Favorite Song: anything Lady Gaga
  • Favorite Dance Movie: Black Swan
  • Favorite Actress: Kristen Wiig
  • Favorite Food: Italian
  • Unique Fact: “I LOVE algebra. I also LOVE making people laugh, like if I can’t make you laugh, we’re not friends. Wow I’m sorry those two facts really don’t have anything to do with each other whatsoever.”
  • Favorite Convention: NUVO, ADA
  • Dance Inspiration: Victor Smalley, Ida Saki, Jeanine Mason
  • Dream Dance Partner: anyone taller than her who could lift her
  • Favorite Dance Move: arabesque, penchée, & tour jeté 
  • Can’t go to a competition without: foot thongs, Bengay, & her mother of course
  • Dream Dance Career: tour the world dancing with Lady Gaga or in a company

 Top Dance Accomplishments:

  • Top Scoring Senior Female at each regional competition attended in the ‘11-‘12 competition season
  • Miss Onstage NY 2012
  • ADA Dancer of the Year 2012
  • Toured as an assistant with STARS Dance Convention